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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a set of online tools that can be used to analyze information linking your website or mobile apps, Google originally designed this set of online tools to help webmasters to understand what there website visitors were doing on your website.

Google Analytics is really a must have for any webmaster, the tools can monitor your websites content your online marketing strategies and help to better understand your websites users.

There are tools to help you make better decisions, tools, that can track sales performance through online shops or eccommerce platforms, and deliver driven results that can help to increase your traffic to your website.

Do You Need Google Analytics

Google Analytics can help you in many ways from monitoring your advertising strategies to improving your websites content,  Google Analytics one of the most used set of online tools available.

Google analytics provides an understanding of your websites performance and can help to shape your websites success, this online service provided free by Google can provide you with the tools to analyze your websites visitors and see what pages etc that they are looking at on your website. 

What Can Google Analytics Do

Google Analytics can show you which of your websites pages get the most visits or hits, the duration of time that they spend on your website or on particular pages of your website, and allows you to focus on optimizing the websites content for better visitor engagement. 

You can use all this information to adjust your search engine optimization strategies and help your website rise to the top of Google search engine results, all this can be achieved with the help of the tools provided by Google Analytics.

Google Analytics can provide you with an accurate report on factors like the total amount of website clicks, website impressions this is how many people have seen your website in search results, and average click through rate how many people have seen your website in search results and then clicked on the link to your website.

You have the ability to build new strategies that can help you gain more referrals thanks to Google Analytics tools, these online tools provide resources that can allow you to track other websites that refer traffic back to your own website which can help you to get more website visitors which can boost sales etc on business websites.

Set Up A Google Analytics Account

To get started log into your Google account, if you do not already have a Google account you can create one, the process is very easy to set up an analytics account, this process should take around a minute to set up the platform.

Click the signup and begin the process of setting up your Google analytics account by providing information about your business or personal website, and how you plan on using Google Analytics once you have entered all the information required hit the create button will get your Google Analytics account up and running.

Once your Google Analytics account has been created you will be provided with an analytics tracking code, this code enables Google analytics to collect all the data from your website users, to do this you need to enter this tracking code into your website.

Set Up Google Analytics On Your Website

        1. Sign in to your new Google Analytics account, go to the Admin link at the bottom of the page, then click on Tracking Info, then Tracking Code.
        2. Select then right click and copy the global site tag.
        3. In WordPress, go to Appearance on the left of the admin page, then Theme Editor.
        4. Select the wordpress Theme Header.
        5. Paste the Google Analytics code after the opening tag.
        6. Save the changes made.
        7. This will be Added to every page of your website
        8. There are Wordpress plugins also available for entering your Google analytics code.

With a new Google Analytics account it takes around twenty four hours to collect any data from your website and generate your first reports so be patient, To view these reports and data, you’ll need to login to your Google Analytics dashboard.

The dashboard is where you’ll find all the tools needed to navigate around the Google analytics platform, the dashboard provides you with hundreds of metrics and information that you can use to analyze every aspect of your websites statistics.

Overview Dashboard

The first section of Google Analytics dashboard is the Overview dashboard, the right hand side of the dashboards page displays an overall view into your website’s data, then down the left hand side of the dashboard are all the links to specific reports that are available in your Google Analytics account.

The dashboard provides snapshots of your websites data like graphs, tables, and other data that is available, here there are options available that can alter what data is on display at any one time, such as the type of data and time period the data was collected in.

By clicking on the required available link this will produce a full report on the data requested, From here, you can also access additional dashboards, each provided with a range of information, including real time visitor display, audience type and country, behavior reports, and conversion reports.

Real Time Dashboard

The Google Analytics real time dashboard is some what similar to the main overview page, you can find the real time dashboard by clicking on the option on the left hand side of the page the real time section of Google Analytics provides live reports of visitors currently looking on your website, you can see from which country they are from and which browser etc that they are using.

These data reports are continually updating as your website or app captures new incoming hits, the real time dashboard enables you to monitor your websites traffic to new or updated content, you can monitor any ads that you have running that maybe driving traffic to your website it gives you an insight in real time. 

Audience Dashboard

The Audience dashboard of Google Analytics is where you can learn more about the people visiting your website, by knowing who your websites visitors are this allows you to see there preferred device and which country they are located in, you can then tailor any marketing or advertising to your individual users.

You can see the time period that these visitors stay on your website, which pages they visit while on your website, plus your website visitor’s age and gender, this then allows you to include any content that will keep these visitors returning to your website in the future. 

Acquisition Dashboard

With the Acquisitions dashboard you can discover valuable insights into how your website visitors actually found your website in the first place, You can learn more about the users of your website and from which channels they found your website from online, did they get referred from another website or did they find you through Google search.

There is a section within the acquisition dashboard called all traffic this section contains accurate reports that provide a complete overall picture of your audience gains for each month beyond the overview’s snapshot it gives you a more detailed view of your visitors.

Conversion Dashboard

The last section of your Google Analytics account is the conversion dashboard, this section of Google Analytics displays how often visitors perform actions on your website, this conversion section looks at content you have on your website and compares this to your websites goals, such as online sales etc, and includes engagement metrics such as click through rates.

You now know what the Google Analytics platform is all about, how to set up analytics on your website, as well as a different ways you can use the analytics platform to help you to improve your websites performance. 

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