Yoast SEO Plugin For Wordpress

Yoast SEO Plugin For Wordpress Websites, Seo or search engine optimization is just as important for Wordpress websites as it is with any other website built with a content management system.

The fact is if your website and its content is not optimized for Google you are not going to get on the first few pages of the search results and as a result you will not get the website traffic that you need for your website to be successful.

The Yoast Wordpress plugin has been popular on Wordpress websites since they first developed it, the plugin was developed to optimize the content of Wordpress websites and for sites that are producing a large amount of articles like a blog.

The plugin is great it, will analyze the article you write and report back to you what is needed for the article to be SEO optimized, you can add and edit the meta description, optimize the article for a given keyword and provide helpful hints to write a better article.

There are some advantages and disadvantages in using the plugin for SEO on your Wordpress website, the plugin is not fully automatic in optimizing your content you still need to write an interesting and informative article to start with, and you can not fully rely on the plugin to do all of the search engine optimization correctly it should be used as a guide rather than a automatic content optimizer, the plugin is like a robot it is pre programed to do a set amount of tasks and not every one constructs an article the same way so there will be times when you will need to check the end results yourself.

Some of the advantages in using the Yoast SEO plugin on your website include checking your content is optimized for the search engines by guiding you on the correct tittle and meta descriptions and correct keyword use for each article, the plugin provides an automated XML Site map that updates when new content is added to your website, help with configuring the nofollow, noindex tags and canonical URLS for the website, detecting any index problems on your site and help to add snippets and social sharing.

There are a few disadvantages in using the Yoast SEO plugin the plugin is really only designed to optimize your content to be search engine friendly so will only be effective on websites that are adding new content in the way of articles, content rich websites like blogs and review websites will get the best out of the seo plugin, the plugin cannot improve on site structure that affects page speed or site security etc and the readability scores cannot be fully trusted you still need to go through and check everything is ok before Google indexes the content.