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The general public can now easily create websites, Virtually anyone can launch a respectable website with the least amount of time and money spent thanks to DIY site builders like Wix and Squarespace and eCommerce platforms like Shopify that include online storefront-building features in their services.

No matter what platform you choose to establish your business or personal website on, choosing a template will be one of your first steps. (Hell, I even recall choosing a template in 2008 for my family blog! I looked through the available selections and chose one that I felt was pretty it was kind of blue.
Templates and themes are frequently used interchangeably, Although there are clearly technical differences between the two, we often use both terms to refer to the overall aesthetic and page layout of your website.
A base template is frequently used as a starting point even by people who work with a front-end designer to customise their websites. You might find yourself looking for a third-party design if you want something a little different from the standard template options available within the website-building platform you've chosen.
One such source of third-party template designs for popular website builders, eCommerce platforms, and CMS (Content Management System) platforms is TemplateMonster, which was established in 2002. WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, MotoCMS, and more platforms are all covered by TemplateMonster's goods.
At first, TemplateMonster exclusively provided templates that were internally developed and supported. The website transformed into an online marketplace in the middle of 2017 where numerous producers of web templates and other digital goods may list their wares.
Over 40,000 products are currently available for purchase on TemplateMonster, and hundreds more are being added on a monthly basis. While some listings are available just through TemplateMonster, some are not and may be purchased from other online stores or marketplaces as well.
Although the TemplateMonster marketplace sells a variety of digital goods, this evaluation will mostly concentrate on their web design templates. Additionally, we'll look at the market as a whole, including customer service and internet reputation. Need A New Look Themes And templates

Template Monster Services

TemplateMonster provides a variety of licencing options, including Single Site, Developer's, or Buyout/Exclusive licences. Additionally, you can pick from "Zero Download" templates, which have never been used before.
Complete website design TemplateMonster resells Weblium's bespoke site-building services as well as MotoCMS memberships if you'd like a fully customised website, Find templates for resumes, certificates, logos, PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, and more.
Additional Template Types Graphics, graphics, infographic components, website plugins/modules, and other digital goods are available.
Customization Services & Add-Ons By providing add-on goods and services related to editing, customising, and generally bolstering your website, the TemplateMonster marketplace plainly generates a significant portion of its income. These services may also be directly provided by third parties via the marketplace.
Graphics, graphics, infographic components, website plugins/modules, and other digital goods are available.
The cost of templates will vary because the marketplace at TemplateMonster determines their prices. Based on the quality of the item, the platform it is built for, and the level of technical assistance that comes with the product, a potential pricing range is provided to the seller when a product is submitted. The merchant can then change the price within the given range to their desire. Vendor commissions vary depending on a number of variables, such as whether the product is restricted to the TemplateMonster marketplace.
Over 100 free sample templates are available from TemplateMonster, some of them are "light" copies of more expensive ones. Free templates contain thorough documentation but no individualised support. I observed that the pricing of premium templates in the marketplace is frequently comparable to the premium templates provided by the corresponding platforms themselves.
For instance, the majority of TemplateMonster's WordPress themes cost considerably under $100 each, whereas the majority of its Shopify designs cost between $140-$180 each. Actually, it makes sense.

Template Monster Add Ons

When you purchase goods and services, that are a part of TemplateMonster's loyalty programme, a portion of your transaction will be credited to your account. You are eligible for credits as soon as you buy any item that is a part of the loyalty programme, and the cashback system is dependent on the quantity and value of your orders.

The Service Center at TemplateMonster, is the division of the company that offers customization and add-on services. Prices are published on the dedicated page for the TemplateMonster Service Center. Although there are some similarities between these ads and the services provided in each template, the prices aren't usually the same. I'd advise largely ignoring the pricing listed on the Service Center website and paying more attention to the costs listed within a specific template listing based on my talks with TemplateMonster.

Products & Services As Add-Ons For Template, You'll see a huge selection of possible add-on items listed as you view a template listing or add a template to your basket. These can be acquired directly from the marketplace, the template vendor, or even a different third party. The prices vary from a few dollars to several hundred, depending on the good or service. We'll go into more detail about these in the Integrations & Add-Ons part of this review.

Available Features

Even if each design from TemplateMonster is filled with functionality, it can be difficult to know which template has the exact characteristics you require at first. Of course, you may simply select a template based on how it seems to you at first.
But if you've taken the trouble to look for a third-party design for your website, we'll presume that you probably have a specific set of deal-breaker features in mind (even though you may not know the developer-speak name of each one). We'll also presume you've already settled on a platform for creating websites, like Shopify or WordPress.
At TemplateMonster, there are numerous methods to look at template features. You can first consult the marketplace support team at Template Monster, If concepts like "parallax" and "ajax" are unfamiliar to you, I'd suggest taking this route; otherwise, you'll quickly get lost in a sea of terminology. Each platform page includes a list of features listed in the left sidebar menu if you'd prefer to conduct your own search. To help you focus your search, consider the following Shopify template feature example:
I would encourage you to make sure you have read every section of the listing because the ideal approach to view all the features of a certain design unfortunately vary greatly. On occasion, as you go down the main listing page, the "Features" tab will emphasise the key features. You'll have more luck discovering a comprehensive feature list inside the demo in other circumstances because the "live demo" of the template is actually set up as an advertisement page for it.
I must admit that I find the second arrangement puzzling. Ideally, I would want to see a clear listing of all the functions on the home page, but after a while, I grew accustomed to looking through the samples for additional details.

Customer Service And Suppot

The fact that TemplateMonster is only a marketplace is the key factor to remember when it comes to customer assistance. Your technical assistance will be provided by the vendor, not TemplateMonster, once you have purchased a product, whether it is a template or anything else.
The 24/7 email, phone, and live chat support provided by TemplateMonster is restricted to "general assistance" including such issues as presales information, assistance with selecting the appropriate product, billing, order status, and delivery. You should carry out independent research into the quality, hours, and support options provided by the vendors for the products you choose.
While the seller itself handles technical assistance, TemplateMonster offers the system via which you may submit a request. Web tickets are sent via a website named, which may be reached via the TemplateMonster help desk area.
There is a parameter called the "Help Quality Index" given on each template if you're interested in the calibre of support offered by a specific vendor. Based on what appears to be customer reviews of the level of help, this score out of 100 is given.

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