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Joomla and Wordpress are two of the most popular content management systems with tens of thousands of websites created from them all around the world, from online blogs to eCommerce websites.

The base of these websites are created from themes and templates, Wordpress utilizes themes while Joomla utilizes templates, these enable webmasters to build fantastic and detailed websites and a great place to purchase these themes and templates is from Template Monster.

Template Monster were founded back in 2002 and are currently the largest market place for Joomla templates and Wordpress themes world wide you will not find a theme market place any where else with this much to choose from.

Wordpress Themes Template Monster

There themes and website template are designed in house and they now offer thousands of these templates to customers, each and every website template is unique and is not available anywhere else but Template Monster. There one membership plan is great for developers and webmasters alike for a small monthly fee you get access to all there Wordpress themes, Joomla templates and Wordpress plugins.

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Change the look of your website with stunning Wordpress Themes
Change the look of your website with Wordpress Themes

Most of Template Monsters Wordpress themes use a drag and drop system or page builder tool this allows even beginner webmasters to custom build there themes to better suit there website layout.

You can use there themes on any number of websites so you are not limited to just one domain like some Wordpress themes sold elsewhere, each themes is sold with full documentation and you can even try before you buy with online admin demonstrations through there website. 

Template Monster also provide a range of services from designing a bespoke custom made Joomla website or custom Wordpress website made inhouse to your own specs, to installing Wordpress themes and Joomla templates for you on your website, they provide customer great support 24/7 should you run into problems with instalations and there support staff are trained to solve any other problems that may arise.

As well as selling themes and templates Template Monster also provide Wordpress plugins from content editors and drag and drop page builders to slider plugins and eCommerce plugins, there themes templates and Wordpress plugins are priced competitively with other suppliers, they also provide a buy out license for any website theme or template so no one else can purchase the same theme or template allowing you a totally unique website for your business or personal use.