How To Choose A Wordpress SEO Plugin

For first time Wordpress users deciding on which plugin to use can be confusing at first as there are numerous plugins available on the market to choose from and you need to know which one will benefit your website the most as not all plugins will achieve the same result, when purchasing a new SEO plugin you need to ensure that the developers supply the correct documentation with there product, the documentation is very important.

The documentation should explain the correct procedure on how to install the plugin correctly and how to configure the plugin to best suit your websites needs, the best plugins will provide a dashboard where all the settings and configurations can be easily accessed from a central point.

When researching a plugin to purchase the developers will usually have a review and comment system on there website relating to the product so that you see any positive or negative comments from others that have purchased the product, reading any reviews will help you two fold, to gather any information on how good the plugin works and also how the developers handle there customer support questions, if they do not answer any questions that customers are asking look elsewhere for better support.

The best SEO plugins should contain or provide more than one main feature as you need to keep the amount of plugins on any Wordpress website to a minimum so the more tasks your plugin can handle the better, the best will have a 404 redirect feature to help with broken links on your website, a central console for meta tittle and meta descriptions for website content, some will have a indexing feature to show which links have been indexed by Google and some may show any broken links on your website.

A great SEO plugin should provide an update feature which would be automatic, that is it updates it self or a least the developer sends an automated email advising that there is an update available on there website that you can manually update your self, it also pays to check that any further updates to the product are free and there is no charge for a new edition of the plugin, a good plugin should also be compatible with other plugins already installed on your Wordpress website so read through the developers documentation before purchasing.

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